Puzzle Pirates 6.0

Puzzle Pirates 6.0

Puzzle Pirates is a multiplayer role-player online puzzle game
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Software Informer Editor Rating 4

Puzzle Pirates is a multiplayer role-player online puzzle game, that takes puzzle games to a new and more exciting dimension. Puzzle Pirates, based in Java, is one of the most original puzzle games seen in recent years.
The main objective of the game is quite simple. You as a pirate, and crew member of a ship, have several tasks to accomplish to help your ship sail the oceans and find treasures. These may be Learn to Sail, Swordfighting, drinking and playing cards, among others. Each task is performed by playing a sort of mini-puzzle. The most popular task is Sword Fighting, which is a multiplayer game with a Tetris-like mechanics.
All you need to start playing Puzzle Pirates is to download the install, and let it do its job. Once installed, the first thing to do is to create your own pirate. You can choose your hairstyle, hair color, clothes and lots of other features. You will find everything you need to customize your character and really feel like a pirate as it even includes pirates jargon. After that, you can choose one mission to accomplish. Every mission features a different type of puzzle challenge. Though the game mechanics is similar to other puzzle games, what increases the enthusiasm for Puzzle Pirates is the variety of puzzles it includes.
In addition, there are lots of attractive characters, similar to those of Playmobil, and countless locations with colorful and lovely scenes based on pirate stories, where the pirates success will depend on your mastering the different puzzles. Puzzle Pirates is really easy to learn, but it will take some time to master it.
In Pirates Puzzle, the graphics have been superbly done, there are lots of colorful and bright scenes, with well–designed characters . Besides, the music and sounds, will instantly put you in the right mood. Puzzle Pirates offers long hours of fun for gamers of all ages. It is hugely entertaining and it is really worth trying.

CL Senior editor
Claudia Liliana Timmer
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  • Great Graphics and designs
  • good sounds
  • entertaining


  • some features require a monthly fee


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